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Conquer Winter with Canadian Made Down Parkas

Conquer Winter with Canadian Made Down Parkas

Canadian Made Down Parkas for Life in Canada

In a country known for its harsh winters, what do Canadians look for when considering a new winter jacket or parka? Obviously, warmth is essential and its importance cannot be overstated. In some areas of Canada, winter temperatures can drop as low as 55 degrees below zero. Even if you are rarely outside in the winter, it is important to have a winter jacket that can keep you warm in extreme conditions without being too warm in those fortunate times when milder temperatures are present. In addition to being warm, a winter jacket should also provide ease of movement. A restrictive or heavy jacket can be very limiting, especially if you like to partake in any number of outdoor winter activities. 

A Canadian made down jacket can meet all of these important characteristics and help you enjoy everything winter has to offer regardless of the extreme conditions. Down insulation is unbeatable in terms of providing an excellent warmth to weight ratio. Down works so efficiently by trapping body heat which makes it so versatile in providing comfortable warmth during both extreme and milder conditions. Down is easily compressed and relatively lightweight which makes it possible for down jackets to provide an excellent range of motion while being lighter than other materials.  

Stylish Comfort and Protection

Besides being warm and light weight, a good winter coat should also be fashionable. Just because you want to be warm doesn’t mean you can’t look your best doing it. The best luxury Canadian made down jacket brands design products that offer classic, yet modern, styling that will never go out of style. In addition to lasting style, the top brands also provide limited lifetime warranties on their products to ensure you enjoy your purchases for a very long time. 

Artic Bay is a truly Canadian luxury winter jacket brand that has demonstrated the unique ability to create a fusion between products that withstand extreme Canadian winters while representing the finest in luxury fashion. Artic Bay products are meticulously designed and manufactured to provide high levels of warmth, protection and style whether you are merely driving to work or snowshoe trekking northern Canada. 

100% Canadian Made Down Parkas

When you purchase a down filled parka from Artic Bay you can rest assured that you are buying an ultra premium winter jacket that is 100% manufactured in Canada (Artic Bay has two factories in Canada including Toronto and Winnipeg). Artic Bay is dedicated to manufacturing winter jackets that are not only highly functional, but also high fashion. They are committed to using the highest quality materials to provide the highest quality warmth. Examples of these premium materials include the industry’s largest and warmest Canadian coyote fur and beaver trims, leather accents and insulation that boasts 725 down power. These elements all go together to create exceptional products for the entire family that are unbeatable in terms of craftsmanship, quality, warmth, style and luxury. 

Discover all of the advantages that come from purchasing a luxury Canadian made down parka from a company that has a rich Canadian heritage today. Find the perfect jacket for your needs and enjoy unrivaled quality, warmth and protection during Canada’s brutal winter months. 

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